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Online ordering help | Mangyan Heritage Center

Online ordering help

Product orders are filled at the MHC office in Calapan City and mailed worldwide - postage costs are extra and depend on location and package weight.
Local pick up of orders may be organized on request.

How it works

  • Browse the products online and add items to your shopping cart
  • Enter your contact and postal details and submit the order
  • Receive email from MHC confirming product/color availability and custom requests
  • Confirm postage cost, total and payment method
  • Order posted on receipt of payment


Measurements in product listings are approximate as most items are handmade.

T-shirt sizes (inches)
Size Chest Length
Teen 34 23.5
S 36 25.1
M 37 22.5
L 38 28.5
XL 43 30.5
XXL 45 31
XXXL 52.8 31.5

Payment methods

Cash is accepted only for orders picked up from the MHC office; these require a 50% deposit paid in advance by one of the above methods.

More information

Please contact the MHC for more information or help with ordering products.